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007: Skyfall Review (No Spoilers)

7/7 asses

I’m back bitchnuggets

So I’m gonna post more. Also I’m gonna draw things.

Stick around.



I haven’t posted on this in awhile. That’s because I forgot the e-mail to log in to this… So that’s that.


My new Chumhandle is ironicExecutioner, so add me at your own will.

I sweAr to god I w!ll not hes!tAte to tAlk w!th my Annoy!ng qu!rks.

Also, I’m remaking an old webcomic of mine called Epsilon, and posting it on my new site, Aimless Adventures with a friend who is posting his own comic called REALMS.

Also, ghost butts.

Bullshit Theory #2

I have concocted another bullshit theory for you (all one of you). Here we go!

I noticed awhile back that none of the adult characters in Homestuck have eyes. Then I realized that all of the adult characters in Homestuck are actually the Alpha Kids grown up during the Beta Kids’ session. Now, that’s not really the important part. The part that is important, is that Grandpa Harley (Who is actually, Jake English in a different universe, if I’m not mistaken) has eyes, and they are white.

You know what characters have white eyes in Homestuck? Ghosts.

All of their parents (John’s Dad, Rose’s Mom, Bro, and Grandpa Harley) ARE DEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAD!

Thank you.

DAVE: damnDAVE: hesDAVE: coolRYKORR: oh btw fef is dead

DAVE: damn
DAVE: hes
DAVE: cool
RYKORR: oh btw fef is dead

John is growing up?


Our John is growing up

RYKORR: fefri nooooooooooo

RYKORR: fefri nooooooooooo

Glub glub

WhAt !f i tAlked l!ke th!s All of the t!me? i th!nk thAt would be reAlly glubbin Annoy!ng. These Are All of my qu!rks thAt i use on troll!An when i chAt up my fr!ends.

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Caught Up

Well, I’m officially caught up on Homestuck. Again.

Now I’ve downloaded the MSPA Notifier to make sure I don’t fall behind again, it’s pretty glubbin’ neato.